DEUS, a specialized manufacturer of chip crushing compressors

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DEUS is an affiliate of Henex, a professional machine tool manufacturer. Based on 20 years of know-how in the production of small machines, we are constantly innovating in products, technologies, ideas and processes. Now, we are fulfilling our social responsibility through eco-friendly products and innovative activities, which are the requirements of the times.

With our Cyclone Chipper (Cutting chip crusher), which was created based on machine tool technology, we are proud of the reliable quality, performance and cost-effective products with an eco-friendly entrepreneurial spirit that illuminates the environment and craftsmanship of making the best at the best. We will expand and develop the field with innovative products for the customers’ needs, for companies, workers, and the environment.

We will repay our customers with greater added value through continuous technology development and the service spirit without losing our original intention.

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